Our Reputation Is Our Greatest Asset

Here are just a few of the businesses that we’re honored to have served and helped succeed throughout the years:

At ProTech IT Solutions, we’ve never been the type of company willing to rest on our laurels.

It’s one thing for us to tell you what a meaningful change we can be for your business. It’s another thing to let our satisfied clients tell you themselves.


"Andrew was not only a huge help in setting up my computer for remote access but he was also very professional and a pleasure to deal with. He and the protech team have a great wealth of knowledge and are experts in the IT industry.”

Tom Platz

RD Management LLC


“We have used ProTech IT services for about a year now and we are very happy with the quality of work along with the professionalism shown at all times. We had tried a few IT companies over the past five years with poor performance, lack of professionalism, and inadequate experience with our network hardware. ProTech IT showed great knowledge on our hardware along with very fast response times. So far all recommendations for upgrades, course of action, or repairs have gone very well with much improved server performance. ProTech has also worked with our budget for all projects ensuring that we choose the correct hardware based on our needs, rather than looking to spend the entire budget. With great feedback, instant response time, and friendly advice, we are very pleased with their performance and plan to use ProTech IT for many years to come.”

Scott Graham

Weber Screwdriving Systems Inc


“ProTech provides us with a diversified group of engineers all familiarized with our systems. I like the fact that four to five of their techs know our systems at any given time and are very professional and capable of handling all issues. Through the years they have added value to our business due to their knowledge, management of our equipment and professional dealings with all our users. I would feel comfortable referring them to any company in need of their service.”

Putney, Twombly Hall & Hirson LLP

“We are loyal ProTech IT Solutions clients. Our business is small, but they treat us like we’re a VIP customer with quick, smart service. They keep us up-to-date and hook us up with exactly the right technology to keep us efficient and productive. Plus, we have the peace of mind of knowing that ProTech has our system backed up just in case. ProTech has stuck with us, and we are sticking with them.”

Richard Goldstein
Richard Goldstein Goldstein & Associates

“ProTech IT has been our IT service provider for the past five years. Mr. Abraham and his staff are dedicated professionals who respond immediately to disruptions and problems with our computer and IWB systems. Whether on site or remotely, the Pro-tech team provides solutions and proactive suggestions to keep our MIS system active and current.”

St Patrick's School
St. Patrick’s School