HIPAA compliance is on everyone’s mind. As a business owner or operations manager, it’s your responsibility to know the in’s and out’s of HIPAA. However, it’s complicated, time consuming and if done wrong… costly.

Let the Health Technology Engineers at ProTech IT Solutions assist you! We can evaluate your HIPAA compliance one time or annually and provide you with the valuable insight you need to exceed HIPAA compliance expectations.

Our Engineers are trained in evaluating, reporting and implementing solutions. We assess the physical, technical and administrative security practices, as well as the policies and procedures necessary for continually ensuring business compliance.

HIPAA is a benefit to all individuals, but has changed the business practices of medical professionals and their associates. If you work with Personal Health Information (PHI) and specifically the ways in which information is stored, shared, archived and made available, you should be prepared for a HIPAA compliance audit by partnering with ProTech IT Solutions.

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